What is Pyramidology?
Pyramid, being significant parts of the Egyptian and Mayan cultures, is a combined form of pyra and mid . Pyra comes from the Greek word “Piros” meaning fire and “mid” means the central point. Therefore, Pyramid is a self explanatory term which stands for - any object or mass that has concentration of energy (Fire) at the center. Geometric Energy of pyramid is used by most enlightened societies in the world. Temples, churches, mosques, and pagodas, has a Pyramid shaped structure atop in Egypt.

Pyramid – Center of the Positive Energy
The Pyramid geometry attracts all energy particles from the surroundings. The dome geometry stores the energy force field. Religious buildings such as temples, church and pagodas have different types of cone shaped minaret. When you enter the premises of these shrines, you are overwhelmed by their unique and soothing environment. Pyramid finds its existence in Indian households in the form Rangoli which is made at the door way to create flow of positive energy inside the house.

Use of Pyramid Power
To ward off negative factor It is noticed in several cases that not only a single person but also other inmates of house continuously suffers from multiple discomforts, due to some major negative factors. There are pyramidal remedies to counter such Vastu defects. Set of nine, eighty one or nine one pyramid are used to balance the negative effects of Yin, the inauspicious energy.

Enhance positivity of the building
Even a single piece of small Pyramid adds positivity to the whole building structure. Large Pyramid can do wonders and bless the occupant with multiple comforts. Vastu Shastra uses Pyramids of different shapes, sizes and materials to divert the negative energies from different areas of the building. Pyramid is one of the basic tools in Vastu especially in cases where to remove a toilet from North-East or ISHAAN corner seems to be very expensive.

Strengthening marital relationship
A complete set of 1X3-Pyramid family of 4-S dimension plays a significant role in bringing the peace and happiness in the life of married couple. Another set of pyramids with the same dimension with added aventurine-chips also enhance the luck of siblings and strengthen the bond of love between the members.

Right placing of Pyramids pays:
Few of the effects that can be achieved by proper placement of the Pyramid are:

* Opens new doors for prosperity and happiness.
* Induces better health for you and your family.
* Shapes your destiny.
* Enhances the power of meditation.
* Enhances memory power to learn, remember and recall.
* Helps in transforming your dreams and desires into reality.


Vishal Wankhede said...

please tell more about where to keep pyramids and of what size, colour?

Sona said...

Can be kept hanging in front of the house or in ur business concerns. It creats good energy all around.

And for Colors

Red : Activates, relieves dullness.
Orange : Happiness, high thinking, clear mind
Yellow : To score high marks, sharpness of brain, victory in research.
Green : It attracts money, Brings victory in love affairs.
Blue : Truth, happiness, self-confidence, respect, calmness of the mind.
Violet : increases spirituality, changes narcotic and bad habits .
Dark Blue: Changes failures into victory, activates the brain.
Rose : It Cheers happiness in the family.
White : This is the combination of all colours, it consists power of all colours in general. This attributes powers of all colours in general.

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