Vastu Dosha

Vastu Dosha simply means a Vastu defect or in more explanatory terms a violation of the basics of Vastu Directions . Each of the Vastu directions emits cosmic energy that is sourced form the Panchmahabhutas - air, water, earth, fire and space.
Any fault in the respective proportions or planning of the building as per the Vastu Principles leads to a Vastu Dosh that bars the positive energy flow thereby resulting in chaos in the lives of the inhabitants.

Vastu Dosha Remedies
Vastu remedies start with meditation or Sadhana to incorporate the qualities of the Vastu directions rendered by the Panchmahabhutas. These can act as a shield protecting the concerned person from the adverse effects of a Vaastu Dosh.
A contemporary form of the conventional methods of meditation is Yogic remedy that is gaining popularity internationally as well. In certain cases, the energy circles around the residents of a Vastu Shastra defected building could be improved upon with the help of a Swastika Yantra.
If there is an unexplained sprint of failures in your life both at personal or professional levels, there might be a possibility of a Vastu Dosha in your physical environment i.e. your house or office.

•Vastu recommends avoiding putting paintings depicting violence, sunset, shipwreck or portraits of demons

•In case there's a river or drain flowing in a direction opposite to your house direction, putting a statue of dancing Ganesha on the north-east corner of the building facing west.

•For a naked wall just after entry into your home or office building, a portrait of Ganeshji can be placed.

•As much open space needs to be provided in the north-eat to welcome positive energy for this direction.
All these and many more expert remedies are available as Vastu Tips in our subsequent actions. Read further about Vastu Shastra on our this website.


steve tickolo said...

I am completely agree with your views. Vastu does affect on our life and i think that everyone should follow vaastu tips while constructing a building.

Vignesh G said...


We are having 2 windows on the western side of the home. And also 2 trees have grown in the nearby building facing near the windows. I was advised to keep convex mirrors facing the trees on the outer wall of the windows. I was also said that trees facing the windows could lead to poor health of family members.

Also there are trees facing the main door. The trees are on the right side of the building. Trees are in the nearby house. So not possible to remove.

We are also suffering from health related problems.

Is it advisable to keep the convex mirror on the outer wall of the west side? and near the main door? Will it affect the positive energy coming through the windows and door?

Kindly provide your advise.

Dr Rashmi Jain said...

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Astrologer Shivashankara said...

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Panchrathna Gems said...

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Pradeep Singh said...

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Pradeep Singh said...

All MNC company need interior designs for new look. Its help look and feel gud.

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