Cancer Sun Sign

A crab is definitely one of the sea's most sensational delicacies. However, moving from the sea and into the stars, the crab is the symbol for the fourth astrological symbol we all know as Cancer. Perhaps this image was chosen because Caner is a water sign. And being a water sign, Cancer's primary isn't another planet but the Earth's orbiting moon. The image of the tide slowly shaping the Earth's surface constitutes the proper use of the Crab image for Cancer. Under the division of the sidereal and the tropical zodiacs, Cancer according to the tropical zodiac is born from June 22 to July 22. And for the sidereal zodiac, Cancers are born from July 16 to August 15.

Specific traits can be found in people under the Cancer sun sign. Cancer Zodiac Sign Characteristics are:

* A Cancer is often tenacious in his/her everyday doings.
* A Cancer holds a heart filled with empathy.
* A Cancer is always nurturing and protective.
* A Cancer tends to reveal resourcefulness during tight situations.
* Cancers are usually home-loving.
* Cancers are known for their loyalty to others.
* A Cancer is very intuitive.
* Cancers can be very generous.
* Cancers are generally emotional people.
* Cancers are a conservative bunch.
* Cancers are often labeled as shrewd.
* A Cancer is always on the sensitive side.
* A Cancer is always protective of him/herself and of others.
* Cancers are known to be introverts.
* A Cautious Cancer is very common.
* Purpose is something that seemed built for Cancers.
* Cancer is known for wisdom.
* Cancers are way more easily flattered than other zodiac signs.
* Cancers are always on the romantic end of things.
* Imagination is a major strength of a Cancer.
* Cancers usually give off a special kind of warmth.

Traits however, also have their downs. Above are the ups. Below are the downs.

* Cancers are fabulously moody.
* Cancer is very devious in their actions.
* Cancers tend to be clingy to objects and people.
* Cancers have likely tendencies to be depressive.

Physically, Cancers are known to be less than average when it came to height. Cancers have a full mouth with a full set of lips that highlight their wide smiles.

Cancer Sign Compatibility plays a vital role for Cancer. Other symbols that are deemed to go well with Cancer are other water element related signs such as Pisces, and Scorpio. But besides the water symbols, Cancer is also known to be a good match for Taurus.


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