Libra Sun Sign

A scale can mean a lot of things. It can mean balance, accuracy, proportion, weight, gravity, and in the most serious case, justice. However, for the zodiac signs, the weighing scale is a symbol for Libra. The image was taken because of the result in the precision of the equinoxes. Libra sun sign is one of the zodiac's air signs and is ruled by the planet Venus. It is also a symbol governed by the House of Love and Relationships. The symbolism for Libra is unique, being the only inanimate object among the symbolisms used for all the zodiac signs. For tropical zodiacs, a Libra is born from September 23 until October 22. While for the sidereal zodiacs, Libras are born from September 23 until November 15.

From Greek Mythology, the scale is often associated with the Goddess of Justice, Themis. The Greek myth also included the balanced twin Atalanta and Astraea, the figures who make up Gemini, who happens to be a neighboring constellation to Libra.

The following are the Libra zodiac sign characteristics:

* As the scale suggests, a Libra is always diplomatic.
* Always looking at things equally, a Libra is fair.
* A Libra isn't complicated when it comes to cooperation.
* Libras are known to be idealistic when it came to relationships.
* Libras are characters built with a lot of charm.
* A Libra flows through everyday situations, always sociable and easy-going.
* Like two equally balance scale, a Libra is always indecisive, even though it keeps on searching for an answer.
* A Libra is a peace loving person.
* Like a result oriented scale, a Libra is pleasure oriented.
* Receptive to each ounce, a Libra is also sensitive.
* Scientific as the scale, Libras are analytical.
* Unlike blind judgment, Libra is a kind soul.
* A Libra is a cheerful character to begin with.
* A Libra manages to balance out being romantic and flirty at the same time.

Physical figure for the Libra had always been in the proportioned side. Stated as having charming appearances, graceful builds, a high forehead and a defining dimple, a Libra flaunts its figure as good looking individuals. A Libra is a definition of balance of the physical, mental, and the emotional character.

Libra Sign Compatibility goes with a Libra, nothing fits a Libra than another Libra. Taking runner's up in the compatibility list are Gemini and Aquarius. Pairing up Libra with other symbols might just tip the scale.


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