Capricorn Sun Sign

The goat has plural symbolism when information from many literatures is gathered. Perhaps the most negative mention against the animal has been mentioned in the Christian Bible where during the final judgment; he used the goat as a metaphor for the sinners who will be banished into the depths of hell. The horned goat however, is also the tenth astrological sign that symbolizes the Capricorn sun sign. Ruled by the planet Saturn, Capricorn is an earth sign and is considered as one of the four cardinal signs. In traditional tropical zodiac, Capricorns are born from December 22 to January 19. For the sidereal zodiacs, Capricorns are born from January 15 till February 12.

In Greek mythology, a goat character named Amalthea was said to have provided milk to the God of thunder when Zeus was still an infant. In other versions, the goat had provided Ambrosia instead of milk, giving it the image that Amalthea was the one who gave Zeus immortality.

The following are the Capricorn Zodiac Sign Characteristics:

* A Capricorn is always practical with his everyday doings.
* Discipline and an organized life is a main composition of a Capricorn.
* A Capricorn is always prudent, cautious, and careful.
* Ambitions are what drive Capricorns.
* A Capricorn is always trustworthy, dependable, and reliable.
* Most of the time, Capricorns are serious with almost everything.
* A self-reliant and independent Capricorn is of a natural setting.
* Most Capricorns are steadfast, persevering and have stable lives.
* Capricorns usually lead a hard-working life.
* Capricorns get what they want through dedication and persistence.
* Capricorns tend to be rational and reasonable during situations.
* Responsibility is always a key to being a Capricorn.
* A Capricorn is always wise, but sometimes very shrewd.
* A Capricorn can be very tenacious.
* Capricorns usually tend to be self-critical.
* Capricorns are often traditional or conventional.
* Career-oriented, Capricorns always aspire for more.
* An authoritative Capricorn is a healthy Capricorn.
* A Capricorn exceeds through strength and competence.

Capricorns can be defined through characteristics, but can also be spotted through physical quirks. Capricorns usually have dark hair, steady eyes, dark complexion, capable hands, and very prominent cheekbones.

Zodiac signs are a great way of finding compatibility. Some signs contradict one another while others compliment each other in a harmonious balance. Everyone knows that opposites attract but end up attacking each other in the long run. Like most zodiac signs, Capricorn Sign Compatibility is with fellow earth element signs such as Taurus and Virgo.


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