Virgo Sun Sign

A virgin in most cultures is a sign of purity. Unblemished, a virgin is a perfect being that can withstand the cruelty of the world and hold its head proud and high. In the zodiac calendar, the virgin is the symbol for Virgo sun sign. Said to be an introvert symbol, or a feminine negative, the Virgo is also known to be an earth symbol and a mutable symbol sign. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. But for modern astrologists, they push Ceres as the ruler of Virgo. For the tropical zodiac, a Virgo is born from August 23 to October 22 while for the sidereal zodiac; a Virgo is born from September 17 to October 17.

In Greek mythology, there are various female figures used to depict a Virgo. One of which is Persiphone, a daughter of the goddess of agriculture and the guardian of marriage, Demeter, who was taken by Hades and was made queen of the underworld. Another myth comes from Asclepius, god of medicine and healing.

Virgo Zodiac Sign Characteristics are known to be unique and well celebrated. The following are traits that Virgo possesses:

* A Virgo is always an analytical thinker.
* A Virgo is a precise and meticulous person.
* Order is what Virgos go for. They are always orderly, and mythological with what they do.
* Virgo is a pragmatic and practical type of person.
* A Virgo is always taking things through an intelligent light. They always inquire.
* Virgos are always reliable and responsible for their actions.
* Virgos are cursed perfectionists.
* Virgos are known to be shrewd and witty.
* Most Virgos are conventional and conservative.
* Virgos come greet the world with a refined and well mannered presence.
* Hygiene is always a Virgo's priority.
* A Virgo is reserved, undemonstrative, and always keeps its cool regardless of the situation.

Physical attributes of Virgo go well to match their persona. And as the above mentioned traits say, some are meant to be equals in physical form. Virgos have graceful figures. Perfectly shaped lips, Virgos flaunt symmetrically refined features. For the rest of the facial anatomy of Virgos, they have roundish heads, clear eyes, a high forehead and thin eyebrows. Height wise, they are known to be above average.

Virgo Sign Compatibility plays a vital role for Virgo. Like other signs, Virgo is most compatible with those of the same element. Virgos are best compatible with other earth signs, the Taurus and the Capricorn.


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