Leo Sun Sign

A symbol for courage used in many literary and cultural devices, the lion is always used to connote courage and heart. King of the jungle and the top cat in the feline family, the Leo sun sign is also encrusted with the image of a mighty lion. And with such a dominance streaming through the zodiac, it is only right that this symbol be ruled by the Sun. Given that there are two divisions of zodiac timelines, two sets of Leos have been sought out. From the tropical zodiac, a Leo is born from July 23 to August 23. For the sidereal zodiac, Leos are born from August 17 to September 16.

Mythological, the lion is a character that was fought and slain by Hercules. In honor of Hercules, and the lion's courage in facing Hercules in combat, Zeus raised the lion's head and placed it amongst the stars.

Like other zodiac signs, Leo also has specific traits that belong only to this symbol. Leo Zodiac Sign Characteristics such as these are what define a Leo:

* A Leo is most creative in whatever he/she does in life.
* Leos can be dramatic whatever the situation maybe.
* Passionate about everything, Leos have the strongest drive to move forward.
* A Leo always loves attention.
* Leos, like the jungle king cat that symbolizes it, is noble.
* A Leo is always has this magnetic aura that surrounds them.
* A Leo is brave as it is protective.
* Giving and generosity is always a Leo's trademark.
* Though battle bathed, a Leo is always forgiving.
* A Leo fights for being faithful.
* With an aura of dominance, Leos tend to be bossy.
* A Leo is most often than not dogmatic.
* An argumentative Leo is a healthy Leo.
* A Leo interferes when needed, which is always the case.

As for physical appearance, Leos have well adjusted and physically strong appearance to balance out their inner feline. However, they have specific traits that also suggest a gentler side that counters the strong exterior. They have thin and athletic builds, but also carry very soft skin and shiny hair that bounces off light wherever they go.

Leo Sign Compatibility has a wide range. Being dominant in many ways, the Leo is best compatible with other symbols of strength such as Aries and Sagittarius, as well as Taurus and Aquarius. But the compatibility does not end there. Given that the sun empowers the Leo, anything the light touches has the possibility for a match.


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