Scorpio Sun Sign

Perhaps a symbol with elusive meanings is the 8th zodiac Scorpio sun sign. A scorpion is a water sign, but the actual animal survives outside the water and even in the harshest and driest conditions. It is seemed gentle, but is equipped with one of the most deadly stings in the world. And besides mythology, other stories and folklore suggest that the scorpion is of negative origin. According to the two different zodiac calendars, the Scorpio of tropical descent is born from October 23 to November 22 while the Scorpio of the sidereal zodiac is born from November 16 to December 25.

According to the old zodiac texts, Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars. Recent astrologers pointed out that Pluto was the right ruler of Scorpios. Even with the reclassification of Pluto as a dwarf planet back in 2006, Pluto still remains the ruler of the Scorpio symbol.

Scorpios are known to be more in touch with reality amongst any other symbol given that it is the 8th and middle symbol. Scorpio celebrates the matters of life during situations such as birth, death, transformation, relationships of all kinds, and the occult and psychic matters.

According to mythology, Scorpio is often associated with Hades, who was known as Pluto in roman mythology or as Ares or Mars. The stellar constellations are also associated with the scorpion that killed Orion.

The following are Scorpio Zodiac Sign Characteristics:

* Scorpios are known for their intensity.
* Scorpios use emotions to draw awesome powers.
* A Scorpio is always determined.
* Like a scorpion ready to strike, a Scorpio is sensitive and emotional.
* Regardless of power or emotion, a Scorpio is always calm.
* As calm as the Scorpio is, he is also reserved.
* A Scorpio is always secretive of others.
* A Scorpio keeps a profound sense of intellect.
* Scorpios are known to be passionate lovers.
* Devotion is a Scorpio's pride.
* Ambition will always be a part of a Scorpio's anatomy.
* A Scorpio is willing to go to extremes.
* Scorpios are known to become willful and fanatics.
* Mystery always shrouds Scorpios.
* Scorpios are known to be brooding creatures, potentially destructive and resentful individuals.

Scorpios consider relationships as vital as their beating hearts. Love for them is a breath of air they cannot live without thus making compatibility equally important. Scorpio Sign Compatibility goes other water signs such as Cancer and Pisces. The Taurus however, constitutes a passionate yet complicated match for the Scorpio.


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