Pieces Sun Sign

The fish has always been a symbol associated with the element of water. Like water, it is also an object that gives off life giving nutrients. However, the image of the twelfth astrological sign also bears a mystery. Pisces sun sign, is pictured as two fishes swimming in opposite directions, but are connected at the mouth by a thin chord. This proves as a problem given that the two believes in going their separate ways but eventually ends up inseparable. Pisces is ruled by the Planet Jupiter. But as of late, Neptune has been considered as the modern ruler of the Pisces. In traditional tropical zodiac, Pisces are born from February 19 to March 20. For the sidereal zodiacs, Pisces are born from March 15 till April 13.

According to Greek mythology, the two fishes in the Pisces symbol represents Aphrodite and Eros who were escaping the monster Typhoon by transforming themselves into fishes. And as to not be separated, they tied their tails together as to not get separated against the currents and waves. The two made their way out of the dark sea unharmed and together. Zeus then heard the tail of the two and decided to place them both among the stars above.

The following are Pieces zodiac sign characteristics:

* Pisces are known to be malleable and impressionable.
* Like a fish flowing through water, Pisces are known to be gentle beings.
* Being good natured and easygoing are natural traits of Pisces.
* Pisces are easily liked and are kind to begin with.
* Pisces are compassionate and sympathetic to others.
* Pisces, like fish, are highly sensitive to their surroundings.
* A Pisces is most often a dreamer, and often times impractical.
* Pisces are naturally instinctive and intuitive.
* Pisces are wildly imaginative and are naturally artistic.
* Pisces are very versatile people.
* Sadly, Pisces are gullible, naïve and are easily led or misled.
* Pisces are very spiritual in nature.
* Pisces have the tendency to be escapists.
* Being selfless is first nature to Pisces.

Physical traits of the Pisces are remarkably dominant, especially when it came to lips. Pisces are known to be quality kissers. Many of the features are constantly compared to the fish symbol, like the quality of cheeks, and eyes with dreamy expressions.

Pieces Sign Compatibility is with the same symbol as themselves. Other than that, they are also highly compatible with same element symbols such as Scorpio and Cancer.


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